How it works

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For Clients

  • Client Research:We strive to understand your job and your hiring process. Our goal is to gain an in-depth understanding about our client’s company, requirements & mode of delivery.
  • Candidate Search: We focus on the best candidates by utilising our extensive database, global networking & advertising to select the most suitable candidates within a short period of time.
  • Candidate Selection & Screening:We manage the applicant screening process, verify documents, check qualifications and references. After conducting interviews with selected candidates, we provide a shortlist of applicants that could possibly become successful workers.
  • Candidate Presenting: We ensure only the most suitable applicants’ profiles will be presented to you for approval.

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For Applicants 

  • Job Offers: Check the newest available vacancies in our database.
  • Application:Upload your CV and supporting documents. The application process is free of charge.
  • Employment:If you meet the criteria and have the needed/valid documents, our recruitment specialists will contact you to conduct an interview.
  • Complete your profile:Upload your CV for future openings that might suit your qualifications, experience and interests.
  • Your career goals: We provide guidance or career consultations. Our insight and understanding of the offshore and onshore industry will help you find the desired position.

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